IPChain is a public chain which had been open source , it is committed to global asset tokenization, serving the real economy and enterprises, specifically for the token economy. IPChain implement mapping assets to blockchain with easily and efficiently way and creatively achieve its liquidity. IPChain is the first innovative commercial blockchain application platform based on UTXO model in China. Through the technological innovation at the bottom of the blockchain, namely the world's first efficient DPOC consensus mechanism, the UTXO transaction model is tailored for asset innovation, the development of an efficient key algorithm system and optimization of P2P network protocols, provide a safe and efficient channel for the commercialization and practical application of the token economy. IPChain not only has security based on the UTXO transaction model, but also fully supports the scalability of various smart contracts.


Original DPOC Consensus Mechanism (Contribution Authorization Mechanism), 15 seconds out of the block, compared with the BTC block time to enhance 40 times. Block capacity larger, greater than 80 times the BTC transaction capacity, 800 transactions per second, to support high-frequency trading. Mining more simple and more economical, more stable system, do not waste social resources;

Expand the UTXO trading model, customize various transaction types for the intellectual properties, and seamlessly support the deposit, confirmation, authorization and transaction of the intellectual property;

Expand the UTXO trading model, customize various transaction types for the intellectual properties, and seamlessly support the deposit, confirmation, authorization and transaction of the intellectual property;

Expanded encryption and decryption signature algorithm supports multiple signature digest algorithms including SM2 elliptic curve public-private key algorithm and SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm to make the calculation based on public-private key-key system more convenient and safer;

Support for complex and flexible transaction model: creative in the system at the bottom of a variety of embedded transaction model, to achieve and complete a variety of complex commercial activities. Including but not limited to: contribution cumulative transaction model, video property transaction model, audio property transaction model, proprietary property transaction model, property bond model, property auction auction model;

Provide end-to-end blockchain+ solution

IPChain construct a sophisticated and complete ecosystem base on the WBTO(World Business Token Organization), provide end-to-end blockchain+ solution for traditional enterprise: public chain provide full technical support, BiBiPay wallet provide digital asset storage and transfer, exchanges provide value circulation, media provides one-stop solutions for brand promotion, VC(venture capital) provide resources and financial support, and the foundation provide token distribution solution, and IPChain cooperate with high-quality companies, and provide various resources support to eco-cooperative enterprises in the early stage of cooperation.

IPChain help enterprise to resolve six problem

IPChain is leading token economy, reducing the cost of acquiring customers, strengthening customer loyalty, stimulating upstream and downstream related industries, broadening financing channels, motivating employees and partners, and increasing corporate brand value.

IPChain cooperate with 30+ enterprise in token economy

Now there are more than 30 high-quality enterprises had created their token business based on the IPChain and deeply cooperate with IPChain, these companies had a huge amount of customer, for example: THUNDEROBOT which has 15 million fans issued RAY token, WANWUDUN which has 1 million customer issued UBC&UST token, CULTURE EXCHANGE issued CTC token, the Indonesian PundiX company issued XPOT token, JIFENBAO issued DOCS token, and so on.



XPOT Labs Private Limited is a private company incorporated in theIsle of Man, It owns theownership of Intellectual PropertyChain, the issuance, maintenance, management, disposal, destruction and other rights of IPC cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: The Intellectual Property Chain is a technology innovation project. Due to the differences in the laws and regulations of digital cryptocurrency, the project promotion does not accept any participation of residents or citizens that are forbidden by local laws and regulations. The Company re-emphasizes that all investors or cooperators involved in the project must abide by local laws, regulations and fully evaluate the legal risks involved in the project. The Company will not assume any legal liability arising therefrom. For residents or citizens of a region not covered by the above legal risks, this project has been exempted from the Manx Business Specific Act.