1.What is the overall design idea of the IPChain ?

        Through the technology and market tracking before, we found that the existing block-chain technology, there is no one can be targeted for knowledge products, in particular, can be intellectual property products to the right, the use of the rights, rights integrity Application appears.
        Considering the rhythm of knowledge products is getting faster and faster, and the traditional intellectual property protection to achieve a long time period, low efficiency, high cost. We envisage the design of the block chain technology as the base floor, the establishment of smart application model, for the characteristics of knowledge products to build business application paradigm, open intelligent RPC interface to build flexible knowledge protection, transaction and circulation of intelligent application platform. And this platform is the IPC platform.

Why do you think that intellectual property is a direction of the block chain application?

        Intellectual property market is a huge and expanding market, with the rise of Internet technology, intellectual property creation、 production and circulation costs are getting lower and lower, the explosive growth of knowledge. From the perspective of asset value to analyze, web celebrity、 big V、fan economy & high value IP and so on the outbreak of human society to continuously transform the industrial chain. However, the spread of these content is covered with a large number of black holes, to the human knowledge to create activities brought great harm. The protection of intellectual property rights is a social development responsibility, on the other hand, intellectual property brewing huge market opportunities, which is an imaginative industry.

3.Can you understand that what you have to do is for each non-physical virtual intellectual property (IP) digital capitalization?

        IPC to solve the real capital of all intellectual property, non-physical virtual intellectual property is relatively straightforward, and the real product can be through the modern line of digital anti-counterfeiting technology, the formation of digital labels into the chain of IPC.

4.DPOC consensus mechanism is the principle of what? Why is it not a combination of POW or both? What are the advantages with DPOS in essence?

        DPOC consensus mechanism without the use of POW, POS for the following reasons:
        (1) POW consumes a lot of computing power, resulting in high mining costs, uneven income and expenditure will lead to block chain collapse.
        (2) POS algorithm from the security and efficiency point stronger than the POW, but itself is still flawed. For example: POS1.0 will lead to miners of the negative slow down, POS2.0 will lead to rich and poor reward no-equal pay for equal work. DPOS does not effectively solve the security and reasonable allocation mechanism of the billing node.
        (3) DPOC can support high-speed trading behavior, to avoid POS and POW fork possible. In addition, the DPOC adopts a combination of stake and contribution, which encourages the stable accounting node to give priority to the ticket right to ensure the stability of the block chain. While at the same time encouraging the high-stake miners to become a solid foundation for the chain chain to ensure the safety of the block chain.

5. What are your wallet design concept and the standards used?

        The target is designed using a hierarchical qualitative digital wallet, referring to the relevant technical standard (BIP32) of the bitcoin. The benefits of a layered qualitative wallet are obvious and are widely supported by most international digital wallet brands (Trezor, Elctrum, mSIGNA, Mycelium, etc.)

6. What is the future application of the IPC can describe the next?

       The application of the IPC is very broad, such as: the collection of IP property, the right of knowledge property, encryption, certificates, anti-piracy, exchange, distribution, evaluation, ranking, distribution, trading, reward, One of the more representative cases, such as the invention of the right to test the patent and proof applications, music products, original proof and digital transactions and so on. For more information on these application scenarios and cases, welcome to read the white paper.

7. In addition to creating value through IPC tokens, you can give users additional value? Or are IPC self-sustaining?

        The role of the IPC-token is mainly used for intellectual assets in the circulation of a exchange, but also as a bonus to the miners. The value of IPC is to provide the public with a knowledge assets、 rights and use of rights to the decentralized of the public platform, we believe that with the intellectual property in the IPC of steady growth, the value of the production chain will be more and more higher, and people in order to get more secure protection and exchange of digital assets, will actively register their own interests and stake of the knowledge in the intellectual property chain. The value of an application platform lies in two aspects, at first, social value which depends largely on the contribution to the promotion of social development, on the other hand, the value of the asset, depending on the total amount of assets carried by the IPC platform. Human society as long as the progress of human knowledge creation will not be depleted, as a decentralized platform, we have reason to believe that the development of the production chain platform must be expected.

8. Now most of goverment of the world has its own intellectual property rights authority, why do users use your IPC chain? At the policy level, whether it will conflict, at the same time lead to risk?

        The relationship between the IPC and the national intellectual property management institutions: the state of the management of intellectual property management is currently implemented in the division of management, patents administered by the State Intellectual Property Office, the trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office, the publication by the national news Published by the SARFT management, but in the existing management system, no one department can be unified management. An innovation often involves both patents, trademarks, copyrights, involving multiple intellectual property management departments, business problems, do not know who to look for. On the other hand, the intellectual property sector because they do not understand the situation, can not participate in the coordination and handling of the incident in time, the result is the enterprise encountered an international dispute of intellectual rights to think of rights, failed to pay attention in advance and take effective measures to delay the opportunity.
        The IPC is an online supported platform based on the latest block chain technology, which is a supplement to the existing management of intellectual property. As chain has a traceability and tamper-proof function, it can provide the right authority and record for the property rights institution, and can provide the online transaction and transfer platform for the intellectual property subject, and will eventually provide a unified set of education for the intellectual property、 Right、 search、 trade、 law rights、forums and other functions of a unified platform. And the country in the field of intellectual property in the direction of the efforts are consistent, will produce good social benefits.

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