What is IPChain?

IPChain is a blockchain commercial application platform used in protection digital intellectual property

IP is a brief of capitalization of knowledge. It is included all digital assets that can be stored, transmitted and traded on the Internet, such as:film and television, music, images, photography, web fiction, electronic publishing, software, patents, creative products.

BlockChain can realize the original proof of intellectual property, value transfer, property exchange certificate, intellectual property security to determine, intellectual property investment, trade and intellectual property integrity certificate


Commercial Innovation:
— “Decentralized the real right of intellectual property to know, certificates, transactions,evidence,right, such as a unified and complete blockchain platform“
— “An opened basic platform base on public IPChain,support the third party on the platform to build a variety of business models”
—  “Completely change the issuance of agent trading model, remove the middleman to achieve P2P direct trading model“
— “Building a New Type of Intellectual Property Commercial Ecosystem in IPChain”

Tetchnical Innovation:
— ”Innovation transaction confirmation mechanism, second-level transaction confirmation time, adaptation of real business applications“
— ” Support high concurrent capacity, support instantaneous mass parallel business transactions”
—“ Designed for intellectual property applications, intelligent trading model to support complex and flexible business activities”
—“ Consensus mechanism innovation,The original DPOC fair equilibrium consensus mechanism“

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Commercial application

Business application scenario:
IPChain can be applied to the registration of intellectual property, the right, encryption, certificates, anti-piracy, exchange, distribution, evaluation, ranking, distribution, trading, reward, and all,

Typical references are as follows:
1.Right declaration:In accordance with the provisions of laws and policies, through the declaration of assets, ownership survey, audit approval, registration, issuance of certificates and other registration procedures to confirm the ownership of an asset, the right to use the rights and other rights。
2.Transactions: in the knowledge-producing chain network, a variety of intellectual property consumption, ownership transfer, lease and other acts, consumption of consumer and equity entities
3.Fee is a non-mandatory payment model for the Internet. Now the reality also appeared to play, such as restaurants, bars, KTV, scenic spots, and so on the consumption zone are appear to the waiter to pay the payment channels。
4.Crowdfunding: by the promoters, with the investment, the platform constitutes. With a low threshold, diversity, relying on the power of the public, pay attention to the characteristics of creativity, refers to a fundraising to the masses to support the behavior of individuals or organizations initiated。
5.Crowdsourcing: the practice of a company or institution to outsource the work tasks carried out by employees in a free and voluntary form to a non-specific (and often large) mass network。


Issued a total 96 million IPCoins, used to maintain the operation of the IPChain and various transactions of intellectual property in the IPChain

proportion Distribution plan Introduce
50% ICO

For the operation of IPChain, application platform development, market, legal advice, financial and intellectual property cooperation.

30% Development team

For the research and development of the IPChain, including marketing, private equity accounted for 10%. Founding team, development team accounted for 10%, another 10% as a follow-up technology development fund.

10% Business community cooperationIn order to push business of IPChain , mainly for the IPChain cooperate with commercial institutions and community, set aside 10% of the award.
10%Intellectual Property Awards

In order to encourage users to intellectual property on the chain, set aside 10% of intellectual property awards.

Project Schedular


Mickey Shen
CEO of Ameriwal Inc

The CEO(founder) of Ameriwal Inc, Trustee of Hopechain international charity organization.Bachelor of WuHan university;A successful financial inverstor of huge bitcoin mining pool. morn than ten year's mananging experience in digital encryption currency, major in improve the applying of blockchain technical in commercial.

Frank Lin

The CEO(founder) of Digital Encryption Currency Security Inc, former CTO of listed company, senior expert of blockchain; more than 10 year of researching in digital encryption currency, a poineer with international view of blockchain commercial applying.

Bill Wu
member of Peking University Academic Committee

member of Peking University Financial Technology Innovation Laboratory Block Chain Academic Committee, senior developer in blockchain technical; master of computer science; more than 5 years experience in digital encryption currency researching, participate in the development of multiple block chain projects.

Veszer Zoltan

An expert of intellectual property protection&digital; encryption currency, system architecture of blockchain system; economics master in Cornivus University of Budapest; more than 10 year experience of protection intellectual property, familar with international policy of protection intellectual property policy in different contruny.He was involved into blockchain technical developement&applying; after 2013 and speak four languages.

Senior engineer

Charles is Pioneer of blockchain development and deployemnt, had rich experience of blockchain, also a professional Texas hold’em Poker player.

Hen Deng
Member of the Supreme Court Intellectual Property Committee

Member of the Supreme Court Intellectual Property Committee,JD(intellectual property) of southwest university of political&law;, senior legal researcher, expert of China Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center , mainly focused on intellectual property law, Internet law.


Mrs Yu LiRong
Lehman Bush Investment Co., Ltd. Partner

Lehman Bush Investment Co., Ltd. Partner,Former US President Bush Group Greater China broker,committed to Sino-US political and business exchanges and cooperation matters many years, and repeatedly by the US Los Angeles government awards.

Jun Li
VC investor

Founder of ZheJiang GuShangHui information&technical; Inc,Founder of HangZhou WanJue internet financial service Inc; International Registered Private Equity Fund Manager, senior finacal analyst, First digital currency angel inverstors in china, senior investment expert in bitcorn and blockchain, successed case: ZheJiang HongDian Intelligent Inc, JiangZhi development Inc, leisheng technical Inc.

Hongcai Guo

An angel investor of bitcoin, angel inverstor of ethernum company,He is a active participant of blockchain, with unique view in the field of global digital currency transaction and rich information resource.

DaWei Yuan
CEO of KUSHENG information technical Inc

Founder of KUNSHENG information technical Inc, Ltd, Co-Founder of huobi.com,member of Peking University Financial Technology Innovation Laboratory Block Chain Academic Committee

LinKe Yang
Founder of btcchina.com

Co-founder of Btcchina.com,the first bitcoin trading platform in China, Bitcoin concept was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. In 2011, Yang Linke introduced the advanced solution of Bitcoin to Chinese market, and setup btcchina.com in this year.

XueTao Chen
Founder of LinXi investment Inc

Director of MOTO,Dopuda , HTC,Senior investor in science and technology, successed case: I am MT。BeiJin room for Geeks, fast wheel technical Inc, Linyun motor.

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